The GM School Games Network have produced a monthly challenge calendar to give us some other ideas to keep active.

This calendar can be started at any point during the month and each day has a resource attached to it which explains it in detail.

All these resources are readily available on the rbsgp website, if parents click the challenge titles it should take you straight to their website and the page where these are situated.


Play Leaders 2019/20


The Year 5 Play Leaders take charge this year at break time and lunchtime. Each special group organise their own activities to entertain and lead KS1. The aim of the leaders is to introduce different activities to the infants and make it fun for everyone.
Year 5 enjoy leading their own activities. When we asked the younger children what they thought of Play Leaders, this is how they responded:

‘I like the idea of Play Leaders. We do lots of games and have fun.’

‘I like the idea of Play Leaders because me and my friend do games on Wednesday (Simon says, corners) and it’s fun.’

‘I like doing Play Leader because I got to play football with the Year 2s.’

‘When I do Play Leaders I like doing the games and seeing them happy when I play with them.’

‘I like the idea because we aren’t just sat around being lazy on our Play Leader day.’