Year 6 Class Page

Dear Year 6 Parents, 

By now you should have received the zoom meeting ID and Password for Friday (if you have not received it by tomorrow please contact Mrs Flatman by email and I will send it you via email). Please ensure you are all in the waiting room ready to be let in by 10.50am. We intend to let everyone in at 11am, ready to start shortly after. This is something we have never done before so do bear with us! 

We are going to record the Zoom in school so if something awful happens and you are not able to see it, please do contact Mrs Flatman after the assembly and hopefully we will have a video of it saved (like I say, hopefully, as it is all very much hope at the moment but we have faith it will work!). 

Please when you log in make sure you log in with computer audio (see below) and ensure that both your videos and microphones are turned off.

We do hope that you enjoy it as the children have put a lot of 'last minute' work into this one! 


All Year 6 children will finish at 3.30pm. 


Thank you for the gorgeous video made by the Year 6 children for the staff and St. Mary's family. We loved it and we will all miss you so very much. 

Mrs Flatman, Mrs Giordani, Miss Royle (we've adopted her for while since reopening!) and Mrs Hoyle x

Week Beginning 13.7.20 - Letter for Parents: 


Dear Parents, 

As you can imagine, having our Year 6 back for the last two weeks has been so important to us and we want to give them the send off they deserve on Friday. We ask for you to please note the following: 


Tuesday: Shirt Signing

Please could you send your child in with a labelled shirt to sign. We intend to have these out in the hall for children and staff in school to be able to sign safely so that the children have these to keep and bring home on Friday. 



This will start at 11am. We will send out a text message on Thursday with the zoom log on details to ensure it is private. We ask all that are joining to be in by 10.50am and mute yourselves throughout. We know this may mean some waiting around but this is so that you definitely get to see it as we will not be able to let you in once the assembly has started due to filming, etc. 


If you have any questions please do email Mrs Flatman and we will hopefully be able to help. 


Mrs Lyons very kindly came in to take some socially distanced photos on Thursday. We would like to thank her so much as she is going to enable all the children to have an end of year photo that they deserve, in fact, we’ve seen a preview and we feel it may be even better than the would have had, so again, thank you to Mrs Lyons for enabling us to have this. More details about how to access these photos are to follow and will be found on the website. 


Mrs Bradley has also been very busy, not only has she organised all of the leavers’ jumpers for everyone but she has also been busy preparing a Yearbook for the Year 6 children from the FPTA, this has been a challenge at points but again, we have seen the proof and it promises to be a real keeper (and possibly a tear jerker - just a warning!). Thank you for all you have done, Mrs Bradley, to help mark their primary years in a special way. 


Lastly, we cannot thank you enough for all of your support and care over the last few months. The children have been fantastic and it has been a joy to have them back with us to finish their primary years. We look forward to celebrating them with you in their Assembly on Friday. 


Take care and thank you! 

Mrs Flatman, Mrs Giordani and Mrs Hoyle ❤️

Week Beginning 22.6.20

We are starting to think a lot more about transition from now on. Please visit the website below for some ideas of things to work through with your children and some resources for parents also. It is a nerve-wracking time for all and even more important that we are supporting each other all we can. This is an area we are going to be focusing on a lot in school too.

Please also be looking at BBC Bitesize and have a look at some of the Year 7 resources. 

We also ask all children who are not currently in school as Key Worker Children if they could please write us a short bit of information to go into a Year Book for all Year 6 will receive. This is something that is being organised by one of our parents, Danielle Bradley (thank you Danielle, we do all really appreciate it!) and so if you could possibly send me your child's answers before Friday and I will forward them on, we do really appreciate it and I am sure the children will love having something like that to keep. 

Things they might want to write about:

A favourite memory

What they will miss most

Favourite teacher

What they want to be when they grow up.

What they are looking forward to.

Perhaps they could mention something about lockdown as this is unique to them.


Take care, stay safe and keep smiling Year 6 - hope to see you soon xx

Fathers' Day Cards:

Don't forget to make your Dad a Fathers' Day card for this Sunday! Have a go at this idea. 

Example Card

Week Beginning 15.6.20

Week 2 of our last term - please do email me anything you would either like to share or any questions that you have and things you may be struggling with. You may be at home learning but we are still here to help!

Again, we have put the work below that we will be doing in school in the mornings. It's really important to keep these key skills going and revise them before next year to help you ease yourself into Secondary School!

Start having a think about your new school as we hope to see you all again soon and answer any questions. I know some of you have started hearing from your new school which I know will be nice. 

Carry on with your river projects (see below). There is lots of information on Espresso to help with this also. 

If you can, write a prayer or short reflection of thanks. It's important during times that we may find more difficult still to find times to be thankful for all we have and see the good in the world. 

Hope to see you all soon! Have a good week. Keep smiling and stay safe! xxx




Problem Solving

Week Beginning 8.6.20

Below are some links to some work that the Year 6 children will be doing in school each day. Please encourage your child to have a go at a page from each a day so that they are going over key skills in preparation for their move to their new school. 

We will also be learning about Rivers and what they are, learning about more famous rivers and where they are and their purpose. Try to find out as much as you can about different Rivers in the next couple of weeks and then create a presentation that can show what you have learnt, this can be drawn, on a word document or on a powerpoint, whichever you prefer - you may even choose to make a model! Be creative!!!

Here are the links below: 




Problem Solving

Stay safe - we miss you all so much and are so proud of you all. 

I've loved seeing the work emailed to me so far so keep it coming - it's great to see all you are doing. 


Week Beginning 18.5.20

This week is Mental Health Awareness week.

Please follow this link to watch a short video about our Mental Health. Then create a poster / leaflet  / powerpoint encouraging children to look after their Mental Health and giving suggestions of what they can do.


The theme this year is 'Kindness' - I challenge you to a week of kindness - do something kind each day to someone different each day!


For English, I'd like you to write me a story about feelings and email me them! I'd love to see them and I promise I'll send them back marked for you to see! 


In Maths, please could you continue to do the BBC Bitesize lessons daily wherever possible. I would also really like to see you show off some of your core maths skills so try to do 10 long division questions and send them me if you want! 


I would like you to also pick your favourite History topic and create me a PowerPoint on facts that you can remember or research further.


In science, I'd like you to pick an experiment and send me a picture of you doing it, here are some ideas:


Keep smiling and stay safe! Miss you all! 


Letter for children for the start of SATs Week (11th - 15th May):

SATs week letter for Year 6


During the School Closure, we will provide ideas for work and things to do at home here. As always, please visit our Learning Zone for a variety of suggested activities and electronic resources. 

Closure Letter

Practical Activities

Home Learning

Home Learning Answers

Summer Term Letters and Work: 

Please read the letter as it will explain a number of things I would like from you and your child, if possible. Please also let your child read the letter to them.

We have attached some more learning activities for the children to do over the first few weeks after Easter. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Letter to Parents

Letter to Children

English - Diary

English - Example Diary 1

English - Example Diary 2

Maths - Smarties Investigation

RE - Last Supper Study

Easter Activity 1

Easter Activity 2

Geography PowerPoint

Geog - Task 1

Geog - Task 2

Geog Task 3

Geog Task 4

Geog Task 5

Persuasive Brochure Checklist

Use Your Senses Vocabulary Collection Activity Sheet


Important Information

Spellings will be set on a Monday and will be expected to be returned to school the same Friday. 

In addition to this spelling homework, it is important that children are practising their times tables as this really will enhance their learning in all areas of Maths. Please see information about Times Tables Rock Stars to help.

Children are also encouraged to be revising grammatical terms and their use in writing as well as revising spelling patterns and rules. This is compulsory and will help your child progress in their learning.

We will listen to children read in class as part of a group through guided reading sessions. Please listen to your child read at home as much as possible, even if it just 10 minutes before bed. Please encourage your child to read widely at home as it will have a positive impact not only on their reading and comprehension skills but also their writing.

This term PE will mainly take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday but it may change so please can you ensure that children have their full PE kit in school at all times. It is important that children stay hydrated throughout the school day to help aid concentration so please make sure the children have a water bottle they can fill up throughout the day.

 We are all very eager and keen to be going to Robinwood on the 11th September. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions. This is a great way to start the school year in Year 6 and to help us get to know the children (and them to know us!) as we start our journey through Year 6 together. 


The following website will give you information regarding your child’s SATs assessments at the end of the year. It is very useful to look at so you can support your child through preparation for these. Here are some useful websites we are expecting the children to be visiting daily:

 Times Tables Rockstars

Spelling Frame


If you have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to getting to know the children and supporting them through this important year.


Mrs Flatman and Mrs Giordani

Year 6 Teachers