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MESSAGE FOR YEAR 5 2019/20 (Summer 2020)

Well what a strange year it has turned out to be. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the children in year 5 and the parents for their support. It has been a pleasure to teach the children this year and I wish you all the best in year 6. I'd like to thank you for the gifts some of you have given, I appreciate your generosity. Thank you for the work some of you have been sending over these last few months, especially those excellent stories about Hollingworth Lake.


I realise for some of you when you come back in September it may seem strange to you, however I assure you Miss Royle, Mrs Smith and Mrs Garrett will help you get back into a routine. Even though it is the summer holidays try and make sure you do some sort of work to keep your mind focused. I suggest that all of the areas you have been taught so far would be an ideal route so you can make sure it is not forgotten. Also maybe practice the areas we have discussed in class that you need to work on to improve that confidence. Keep reading to enjoy and keep up with your mathematical skills. I have attached below the Autumn and Spring medium term plans and also don't forget to have a look in your books. You have plenty of online resources available at your finger tips; just check out the school website Pupil Zone for more details

Year 5 Writing Competition

Thank you to all the entries. Miss Royle was extremely pleased with the standard of writing and creativity that you had shown in your stories and I hope it continues. I finally received all the voting back from certain staff I asked to judge, and I am pleased to say that all were very impressed. It was a very close decision however we finally came to a winner. I am pleased to announce the winner of our Year 5 Writing Competition for 2020 goes to Evie Aston for her story called 'Paige and the Mystery of the Mermaids'. 

Congratulations Evie and to everyone who took part. I hope you all enjoyed writing it and I hope you continue with the enthusiasm to write.

The more confident you are in the areas that you have already been taught in September the easier it will be for you to catch up more in year 6. Next year is going to be an important year for all of you so ensure you have covered what you need to be ready in September. Enjoy your summer holidays I hope you have a happy and safe one. 

Thank you all

Mr Collins, Mrs Smith and Mrs Garrett.

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This week we have been learning about Independence day and focusing a lot on our mental maths. I have attached a few tasks plus some links to some activities to do on Purple Mash. Enjoy.


In Maths practise on your times tables and have a go on subtraction. This week we looked at exchanging when subtracting. See the links below.


History = Research about the NHS after 72 years.

We also went onto Purple mash to learn things about Independence day. By using Purple Mash we found lots of different activities on the event.


We have also been learning how to type properly on Purple Mash. On the HOME page click on COMPUTING. Then click 2TYPE. Have a go at the tasks trying to use the correct fingers each time. 

Hope you are all well. 

Be safe and active

Mr C

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Head Boy and Head Girl

To make the process fair for all the children in Year 5 who wish to apply for the Head Boy and Girl role, the application will now be pushed back to September. This is to ensure that when we all get back to school the children can work on their ideas and then present to the school. This will then give everyone in school the opportunity to vote for their favourite.

Year 5s who wish to apply, start thinking about what 3 main points you wish to focus on and what you might do for your presentation etc.

WEEK 3 Y4/5 BUBBLE LEARNING - The Olympic Games

This week the children are keeping very busy so there a few more activities to have a go at this week. All attachments are below.

By the way have a look over at the PE page on the website and I have attached some links for some activities you could be doing at home. The activities so far are Rounders and Cricket.

TASK 1 In Maths we have been looking at measurement; learning how to measure length (cm/m) and weight (g/kg). 


In Science we are looking at Healthy Eating. On the Plate draw and colour your favourite meal. Example Pizza, Chicken dinner, etc.

We then went through the PowerPoint to learn about the various food groups. Draw the different foods in each food group to understand what they are. Then an extra task label on your favourite meal what food groups you have in your meal.

(Eventually we will be comparing a regular person food plan to an Olympic athlete).

Maths - solving problems about Olympic Merchandise.

Design your own Olympic medal

Find out where the Olympics have been held and colour them in using a world map

Stay safe and active

Mr C and Mrs Killoran

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WEEK 2 Y4/5 BUBBLE LEARNING - The Olympic Games


The children have settled in well to their new Phoenix bubble and are coping well with the new rules and changes.
ART - Olympics
TASK 1 = Using the link below to design and make an Olympic torch using some cardboard to create a shape like this then write 5 facts about the Olympic torch.
TASK 2 = Using the link below look at different mascots and make your own up using a country of your choice.
TASK 3 = Using the link below try to draw your favourite sport. Maybe print off the picture first then trace it, then have a go free hand if you feel confident enough.
Listen to different National Anthems from different countries. Which do you like the best and why? What instruments can you hear? Do you like the sound of their language?

Year 4 and 5 please send your work to the Year 5 email so I can access it (shown below). I will be very interested to see a variety of work from my current class and my class next year.

Use the things attached below and things you can research yourself.
Keep safe and active
Mrs Killoran

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WEEK 1 Y4/5 BUBBLE LEARNING - The Olympic Games

This week so far we have been recapping on the new rules and guidelines that have been brought in. Washing hands properly, keeping 2 m distance etc.

HISTORY - Olympics

TASK 1 = Each child to design a fact file on the History of the Olympics. Look at things such as:

What is the Olympics? When and where did it start? What were the events when it first began? When and who brought it back at the end of the 19th century?

TASK 2 = Using the PowerPoint (below) and what you can research complete the Venn Diagram comparing the different things about Ancient Olympics and Modern Olympics.


Year 4 and 5 please send your work to the Year 5 email so I can access it (shown below). I will be very interested to see a variety of work from my current class and my class next year. 

Use the things attached below and things you can research yourself.


Keep safe and active

Mr C 

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 t2-t-880-history-of-the-olympics-powerpoint_ver_3 (5).pptDownload
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Week Beginning 8.6.20

WORK AT HOME FOR Year 4 and 5 children

Hope you are all well.

As of this week the Y4/5 Bubble in school that myself and Mrs Killoran are leading will be focusing on a specific topic. The children will be learning different things relating to the topic and doing activities based on that theme.

Our topic is 'The Olympic Games'.

For the Year 4 and 5 children at home I don't want you to miss out therefore myself and Mrs Killoran will weekly keep you updated with the work we have been doing throughout the week and if you're able to have a go at it yourself then please do.

Please send the work to the class email to see what you have learnt. Be great to see.

I will attach things to the webpage to help.

As usual keep going with the online resources and reading a variety of genres to enhance your knowledge.



As you are aware the final deadline for the writing competition is this Friday. I would like all that have entered to fully complete their story as neat and correct as possible by Friday. When I have all handed in then I will be confiding with other teachers from our school to work out the winner.

What I am looking for is a great imaginative story!

Good luck everyone

Mr C

Week Beginning 1.6.20

Year 5 Writing Competition TASK 3

Thank you to all of the those children who have sent the next part of their story in. The stories that have been sent in are really creative and I'm pleased to say are all different. You all have a fantastic imagination.

It is time now to end your story. Use the PowerPoint I have attached below for some idea and finish what you have started. Remember to make sure it links well with the story. The PowerPoint will give some do's and don'ts. 

Due to the fact we are on half term this week the deadline is next Friday to complete the full story.

DEADLINE: Friday 12th June 2020 3PM Latest

Hope you are well

Stay safe and active

Mr C

Week Beginning 25.5.20

Year 5 Writing Competition TASK 2

Thank you to those children that have sent the opening to their story. Each and every one of you have some fantastic ideas for a story based at Hollingworth Lake. 

Now that you have written your opening paragraph to begin the story I would like you to edit it if necessary by reading it again yourself and using my comments to help. 

Task 2 is to write the middle of the story (2nd paragraph). This is to follow on from your build up to somethings happening. You need to now write the problem/action (something happens).

Make it descriptive, tense, interesting for the reader to continue reading.

After you have done that then resolve the problem/action (How does this get better). 

I have attached below a planning prompt to help and a few other bits. You can also check out BBC Bitesize that shows how to plan a story.

This might help. 

Remember that this story is set at HOLLINGWORTH LAKE!

After you have completed your 2nd task send it to me by email with your opening together so I can read it all to check that it flows together. Remember now you will have at least 2 paragraphs of story done.

These stories are sounding very good already. I cannot wait to see what happens!

Happy writing!

Mr C


 Adventure Story Word Mat.pdfDownload
 Story problems and solution sheet.pdfDownload
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Week Beginning 18.5.20

Hello Year 5,

Its's been nice speaking to you and your parents over these past few weeks and hearing all the things you are doing during this unusual time. Thank you to all those who have already sent work through the class email address. I really look forward to reading your work and seeing what you are getting up to. Keep them coming!

Looks like nothing is changing anytime soon. Keep using the website resources especially BBC Bitesize and keep trying other things that you wouldn't normally do at school. Keep baking those cakes, playing those games, making scientific experiments, researching history, reading those books, watching those films! Enjoy what you're doing! That is really important!


As it has been so long now in lockdown I thought it might be ideal to set you a challenge that is doable at home with your parents. To make it more interesting I will make this a Year 5 Story Competition to see who writes the best narrative. I will set a task each week (for 3 weeks) to complete. Once each task has been completed it will need to be sent to me via the class email (email address labelled below). If you need any help then I am happy to help. Make sure you only do what I have asked and proof read. I will read it and comment on your work so you can make the changes if required. You can write it and send me a pic or type it and send it. Either is fine.


Set Activity 1 - Writing a Story = Beginning

I would like you to use the resources I have attached. The powerpoint gives you info on how to write a beginning. I have also attached a fictional newspaper article I wrote to give you an idea of a story if you want. I have attached a planning template too to help.

TASK - Come up with a good title for your story.

  • Write a beginning to your story. Remember to describe the setting of where the story begins, introduce the characters and what is going on. 
  • Make sure you edit it and proof read it before sending it.




 Modelled write newspaper 2018 H Lake.docDownload
 Story mountain plan -lower ability.docDownload
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Week Beginning 20.4.20 Extra Activities

Hello Year 5. Hope you enjoyed your Easter in the sun, playing outside, eating lots of chocolate and more importantly reflecting on what Jesus did for us. If we were at school now we would be starting a new term this week. I have attached the Summer Medium Term Plan and given you some ideas of things we would have been doing in class this term, so if there is a way you can a have crack at them then that would be great.

I'm assuming your packs are getting low now so as usual I want you to be logging onto Purple Mash and completing the daily activities. Also don't forget about TT Rockstars, Espresso, WhiteRose and Spelling Frame as another resource to use.

I am missing you all and pray we'll be back soon. Keep safe. Mr C


It has been very frustrating that we have not been able to finish our book from last term 'Street Child'. When we are back in I have a few copies in our class that you are welcome to borrow so you can find out what happens to Jim when he escapes the workhouse. Ah Well!

This term we would be starting a new book called 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. We would have done an introduction activity looking at the front cover and the blurb and making a prediction of the story (see image below). 

If you look on YouTube you can get the book on audiobook which might help and if you want you can get the movie too but its not the best copy. Also if any of you have the Disney+ app it is on there too. If you do watch the film then it'd be good for you to do a review after you've watched the film and listened to the audio on what your opinions of it was. Was your prediction correct? etc.

(I'll send you a few more activities related to the book next week too)


This term we would have started to recap on our mental arithmetic so if you wish to test yourself WhiteRose is an ideal online resource. It has the weekly work with a set of questions with answers that you have already been doing but also there are practice assessments on there that might be good to have a go at.

On the WhiteRose Homepage - click on Resources - Assessment - Primary Assessment - End of Term - Year 5

You can then mark it using the answers. You'll need to write answers on paper because I don't think it allows you to fill in online unfortunately.


This term we would have been celebrating Jesus's resurrection. You could make a poster on how important Jesus is. Remind yourself of what happened next after Jesus resurrected. Who did he visit? What was the reaction? etc

Spend some time doing a prayer session thanking Jesus for what he has done for us.


Try and stay as active as you can at home however you do it. I like playing back garden cricket with my family especially in this weather so keep yourself healthy and keep yourself motivated. 

As an extra I have attached a resource on the Play Leaders page from the GM School Games Network who have produced a monthly challenge calendar.This calendar can be started at any point during the month and each day has a resource attached to it which explains it in detail.

All these resources are readily available on the rbsgp website, if parents click the challenge titles it should take you straight to their website and the page where these are situation. 


Easter Week beginning 6.4.20 Easter activities

I hope you are all well Year 5!

I assume many might be coming to the end of your packs. To ensure we keep going there is five main online resources that would be ideal for you to use and keep you occupied: Purple Mash, Espresso, TT Rockstars, Spelling Frame and White Rose Maths.

This week I would like you to focus on Purple Mash 

With it being Holy Week I would like you to focus on the Easter story and the religious meaning around Easter. Take a look at the Easter Story on youtube. Click on the link below, or search The Easter Story Beginners Bible on youtube with your parents. 

On Purple Mash there are a few different activities that you could have a go at online. When you on the Homepage type in Easter in the search box. This will give lots of different things to do over this Holy time. Focus on the Easter Story/Stations of the Cross etc.

Be as creative as you like and enjoy!

As ever, these are extras and additional to the daily activities on Purple Mash, TT Rockstars, work-packs, reading and Spelling Frame activities we have set.

Missing you all and hope you are staying safe.

Mr Collins

P.S Don't forget to keep yourself as active as you can. Keep active in the garden or using YouTube following Joe Wicks exercise or Otimabuse dancing. Remember Healthy body gives a Healthy mind!

W/C 23rd March 2020

Here is a short message to all our Year 5 parents.

Good luck in this first week of home schooling. I understand that it will not be easy to introduce a new routine in your child's daily education. Due to the fact that it is all new for you all, my advice for the first week would be to slowly get yourself into it. Maybe focus more on physical activity, practical ideas in the pack and just a variety of creative activities. You want to stretch it out so that your child is on a task for a longer period of time to get them used to working at home.

I also advise to have a certain time in the day to read. It would be good for everyone in the household to have the opportunity to shut off all the electrical devices then get a book/newspaper/comic and read to enjoy. Encourage the children to learn how to sit calmly and be engrossed in what they are reading (an opportunity for a bit of peace for you too!). 

I wish you all the best of luck and keep an eye on facebook and the school website for more ideas to make this difficult time as easy and accessible as possible.

All the best

Mr Collins

During the School Closure, we will provide ideas for work and things to do at home here. As always, please visit our Learning Zone for a variety of suggested activities and electronic resources. 

Practical Learning Activities

Home Learning

Home Learning Answers


Welcome to Year 5.

I would like to welcome you and your child back to school and the beginning of a new year. We hope to have a year full of new learning opportunities as well as celebrations and fun. We have many things planned for this year.
Let’s make it a year to remember!!
Here in upper KS2 we like to encourage more independence, problem solving and responsibility. Throughout the year each child will be given just that to help prepare for the future. In Year 5 we have many responsibilities including Play Leaders duties, Corridor monitors and GIFT team leaders therefore there will be high expectations aimed for each individual this year.

Our history topic in our first term will be World War II. We will be looking at how it began and the impact it had locally. We will be using that knowledge to present the Remembrance Day assembly this term, so don’t forget to join us for that! Our geography topic will be Europe. We will be looking at the countries, cites and landmarks around our continent as well as linking it to our history.



Important Information


PE Kits
PE will be every Monday afternoon. Please could you ensure that your child has their PE kit in school at all times, this will ensure that they can be included in all lessons and not miss any opportunities for PE.
I would like to take the children outside for PE as much as possible this term.  Therefore PE kit is as follows;
• White T-shirt
• Shorts/Track suit bottoms
• Trainers/pumps
• Socks

Kits must then be collected by the end of the half term!

As you are aware we will not be giving out set homework however your child will still be given weekly spellings to learn and encouraged to read and learn times tables. Spellings will be given out on Monday and will need to be returned on Friday.

Reading books will be given out on a Monday if not on Free Reading. Please ensure your child returns their book the following Monday and the Reading record. This is so we can discuss with your child of what they have read and if they want it changing it can give us just enough time to do so.

Your child should also be practising essential key skills of maths including their timetables, so TT Rockstars will be essential homework.

Our school website has a variety of resources that you and your child can access at home. It would be great if occasionally during the week you practise this with your child to help their development. Our Medium Term Plan is attached to this letter and also it can be found on our website.

If you have any queries or concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate to pop in and have a chat.


Mr Collins
(Year 5 Teacher)

Mrs Smith
(TA Assistant)

Mrs Garrett
(TA Assistant)