Year 4

Spring Term 2

Welcome back after hopefully a restful half term! We will spend the first two weeks of half term continuing our home school learning in line with the Government lockdown measures. We will update you as soon as we know of any changes.


As always the work will be set via SeeSaw, and you will usually get an English and Spelling/Reading activity, a maths activity and an afternoon foundation subject activity. This will change if we have a themed week or celebrating a special day.


Here is the Medium Term Plan to show you what type of topics we will be covering over the half term, however this is the guide for if we were in school full time so it might take longer than the half term to complete.

MTPSP2 Y4.docx


Please do not hesitate to get in touch via the class email: and show off any amazing work using your SeeSaw logins.


Keep safe, keep smiling :)

Mrs Cavanagh


Pictures from Book Week at home and at school so far...

Pictures from Science Week at home and at school:

Pictures from MAD Week at home and school:

Some of our RE work during Spring Term in school and at home as well as examples of our work on Judaism and Islam:

Examples from work at home and school for our Wellbeing Wednesday's of meditation, mindfulness and yoga!

We have enjoyed keeping in touch during lockdown via Zoom at school and home:

Letters regarding bubble closure 13.11.20

Please take a moment to read through these letters providing guidance around the Year 4 bubble closure and the confirmed date of return.

Parents letter confirmed outbreak Nov 2020.doc

class bubble closure letter for parents Nov 2020.doc

Remote learning agreement sep 2020.docx

Keep safe and keep in touch :)

Mrs Cavanagh

Year 4 Bubble Closure 12.11.20

 Welcome to online learning Year 4!

I will upload your work onto See Saw every day with instructions and voice notes with what to do. Please complete the work in your work books or on the sheets provided and then take a picture and upload it onto your See Saw account so I can see all of your hard work. Every day you are expected to go on TT Rockstars and Spelling Frame to practice your skills, and reading a book or magazine for at least 20 minutes. I will be logging on daily to check how well we are doing and how often you guys are logging on. I will also be checking my emails throughout the day so if you have any questions please send an email over. I know it feels a bit strange but I hope you will work as hard at home as you do for me in class and I will be setting lots of revision work based on things we have covered recently. I will miss you lots so please do upload your work everyday onto your SeeSaw accounts so I know how well you are doing! Year 4 we've got this!!!


For Children in Need here are some activities I would like you to be doing today. I would also love to see you all dressed up so take a picture and post it on your SeeSaw account, it will really brighten up the day!

CiN - Codebreaker 2x 5x 10x.pdf

CiN - Codebreaker 3x 4x 8x.pdf

CiN acrostic.pdf


Keep safe and do not hesitate to get in touch,

Mrs Cavanagh and Miss Kelly

Welcome back to a very exciting year in Year 4!

I am very excited to be helping the children progress throughout the year alongside Miss Kelly and we are hoping this continuity is helpful for the children. I look forward to continuing to work together with the children and yourselves to achieve this.

I have attached a medium-term plan for information about what we are focusing on during Autumn Term.  

MTPAut 1 Y4.docx

PE Kits

Year 4 children will have PE on a Tuesday afternoon. Please can you ensure that children come into school already dressed in their outdoor PE kit-a white top, jacket or hoodie, jogging bottoms and trainers. If your child wears earrings, they will need to ensure that earrings are removed or covered please.


Class Email:

We will still be using the class email for correspondence between parents and myself. Our class email is:

Please send me an email, using the class email only, with the email we can reach you on and with your child’s name as the message. This is so we can speak to you, or you to pass on a message to me, without needing to meet face to face. It will be also be used if another lockdown was to happen to set work.


Reading Books and Spellings

Please listen to your child read at home every night, even if it just 10 minutes before bed. Reading books will be sent home on Wednesday and returned the following Monday. Spellings will be sent on a Wednesday and tested on the following Wednesday morning. Children need to complete their spellings sheet and return it back to class. If you have any questions and issues regarding reading books please speak to myself or Miss Kelly. Please encourage your child to read for pleasure at home, as it will have a positive impact not only on their reading and comprehension skills but also their writing.



Children will receive the following each week:-

  • Spellings
  • A reading book


In addition to this, children will be asked to practise their timetables on TT Rockstars every day.

If this is not happening on a daily basis, children will be asked to use their Friday break time to complete their spellings or timetables homework.


Water Bottles

It is important that children stay hydrated throughout the school day to help aid concentration. Please bring the water bottle filled up at the start of everyday, as the water cooler is out of order for the foreseeable. If they finish they can always fill it up again at the tap.


I cannot wait to get stuck into it this year and please know it is our priority to make the children feel safe and happy in Year 4. If you have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to contact me via the class email or on a phone appointment made through the office.


Many Thanks,

Mrs Cavanagh

Home schooling in year 4 continued...

Home schooling in year 4...

Danica's research:

Danica's acrostic poem:

Dexter's diagram:

Evan's poem:

Amelia's research:

During the School Closure, we will provide ideas for work and things to do at home here. As always, please visit our Learning Zone for a variety of suggested activities and electronic resources. 

Closure Letter

Practical Learning Ideas

Home Learning

Home Learning Answers

Home learning:

Hello Year 4! 

I hope you are all well; I am missing you all LOTS! We are now entering our summer term; hopefully we will get lots of sunny weather so you can enjoy time outside!

For Maths and English, please carry on using Bitesize, Purple Mash or Espresso daily. Please make sure you are also using TT Rockstars to practise your times tables! 

Purple Mash and Espresso are also fantastic for any topic work and will be useful to look at for the following things we would have been learning during the summer term: 

Science: States of matterSee ideas underneath this post. 

History: Ancient Egypt- See ideas underneath this post. 

- Geography: Rivers and water cycles
- Draw a diagram to show the key aspects of the water cycle.
- Use this knowledge to then create your own rain cloud.
- Look into the causes and effects of flooding. 

D&T: Cooking and nutrition
- Plan a healthy meal.
- Write down all ingredients that are needed (shopping list.).
- Write down the recipe and method for the meal.
- Make the meal, with help and then review the meal. 

Welcome to Year 4 Class Page! 

Well, here we are again, a brand new school year!

We have lots of exciting things planned for this year and lots of fantastic new things to learn!

This year, the multiplication times table check has been put in to place for all year 4 pupils around the country. Therefore, we are going to put a lot of focus on learning our times tables facts this year. Times Table Rock Stars will particularly help the children. The assessment is online so TTRS is a very handy app for the children to practice on!   


Please see our medium term plan. This is everything we will be learning about in the Autumn term: 

Year 4's Medium Term Plan

Year 4's Long Term Plan

Important Information


Miss Royle- Teacher

Mrs Gumbley- Teaching assistant 

Miss Smith- PPA cover teacher


Important information:

  • Swimming: Starts on Friday 13th September.
    Swimming will last for 17 weeks. 

  • Reading books: Reading books will be changed on a Monday and sent home along with spellings. Reading book bags will need to be brought in every Friday.

  • Homework: Although the children will not be bringing home written homework, it is essential that the children are practicing their times tables and reading every night- thank you! The children will come home with a spelling practise sheet which will need to be returned on Fridays.

  • Websites:  These websites are incredibly useful for the children:  

  •  PE Kits: The children will have PE on a Tuesday afternoon  .Please can you ensure that children have their full PE kit in school. 



If you have any questions, please come and see me- my door is always open!

Miss Royle :)
Year 4 Teacher.