Welcome to St Mary's RC Nursery

We love God, we love learning, we love each other

Welcome to St Mary's RC Nursery 

Teacher: Miss Riley

Teaching Assistant: Mrs MacMillan

Our class email is:

Welcome to St Mary's

A very warm welcome to St Mary's to our new families and those returning to us this September.

The children have already made a fantastic start to their year in Nursery & we are extremely proud of how well they are settling into their new environment & routines. We are looking forward to a wonderful year together & we hope you enjoy hearing about all the exciting things we do in Nursery!



Miss Riley & Mrs MacMillan are the full time staff in Nursery. Mrs MacMillan will cover PPA on a Friday PM & we will also be supported by Miss Kelly several afternoons a week.


Class Email

School News

Please visit our school website, class page & our Facebook page to keep up to date with all our latest EYFS & whole school news.



This half term our first topic is Amazing Me!

We will spend lots of time becoming familiar with our new classroom, activities and routines and making new friends. We will be learning all about ourselves, talking about our family, our likes & dislikes and learning about what makes us special. We will also learn about our body and some of the special things our body can do.



  • Uniform - We ask all children to wear a school uniform. A white polo shirt with either grey pants or grey skirt/pinafore should be worn
  • Spare Clothes - All children should have a bag in school with spare clothes - accidents do happen!
  • Water Bottle – Children should bring a water bottle into school with their name clearly labelled on it. We do ask parents to make sure that the bottle contains only water
  • Names - Please make sure children have their names in all items of their uniform. It avoids tears when things go missing and really helps staff
  • Book Bag - If your child has a school book bag, they can bring home a book from our library to share at home
  • Wet weather Attire - All children need a pair of wellies in school and a raincoat (with their names on)


Things to do at Home

  • Phonics - To build up our listening skills, draw your child’s attention to what they can hear around them; the rain, an alarm, birdsong.  Anything is fab!
  • Reading - Read with your child as much as possible and encourage them to discuss their favourite characters and favourite book(s)
  • Maths - Draw your child’s attention to numbers and shapes within their environment. e.g. door numbers, shapes of household items


We look forward to a busy and fun filled year together!


Miss Riley, Mrs MacMillan & the EYFS Team

Our first week exploring EYFS outdoor area!

What an incredible first week in Nursery! Pupils have settled in beautifully and especially enjoyed enhancing their physical development skills in the EYFS outdoor area. Pupils have demonstrated excellent climbing skills on our brand new climbing frame. In addition, pupils have enjoyed riding bikes, creating castles in the sand pit, building walls all whilst playing beautifully alongside other children. What an excellent first week, well done Nursery!

Nursery 2020-2021 final week! 

Thank you so much Nursery class for an incredible academic year, it has been a pleasure! We have had such an exciting last week too! Nursery enjoyed their Pirate and Princess themed party, a watertight as well as an ice cream from the ice cream lady. We are so lucky to have celebrated our last week in the most fun way. Thank you for being superstars, myself Mrs Macmillan and Mr Wombell all look forward to seeing all the progress you will continue to make along your academic journey at St Mary's.

Miss Riley x

Goodbye Butterflies!

Today in Early Years we released our butterflies into the the world </div>
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June 29th
Nursery class had so much fun today completing Euro themed activities! Pupils designed their own football kits, used their fine motor skills to make England flags and used their amazing writing skills to write today’s favorite phrase “it‘s coming home”. Fantastic work nursery, well done!
Miss Riley </div>
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If you click on the Foundation year group you will find many age approptaite stories, games & educational videos.


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